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It's Time to Catch up ...

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Booked for 15 people - 7:00pm - Chilli's - 13 people confirmed - Awaiting more !!

UOW Peers ... It has become the time (due to many reasons) that we should meet, eat and greet. I believe this Friday (22-06-2007) is a good time to go somewhere, eat, drink and talk crap to one another. Burf is finishing uni, you have all completed exams so I believe that is a good time for people like myself who are now in the real world to come and share stories.

Proposed Evening:

7:00pm ย– Chillies (Fairy Ghetto) ...

9:00pm ย– 10:00pm ย– Out to North Gong or somewhere to consume a few quiet drinks and have good time.

Please all get back to me asap via phone or email. I would like to finalise numbers etc. Wednesday and ring places etc. I think Darko is in Russia? So I doubt he will come ... tight ass.

Let me know if you wish to bring friend(s) / partner.

Comp Sci nerds graduation day ๐Ÿ˜‰ Distinction average ahoy ! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Was a good day, ta to all who attended ๐Ÿ˜‰ Click on the pics to see the rest of the pics ๐Ÿ˜‰
9:45 am Wednesday 13 December
Mr John Mann, Principal Consultant & retired Regional Manager BHP Steel Information Systems
Awards from the School of Information Technology and Computer Science (SITACS)Awards from the School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics (SMAS)

Student Number 2790580 Graduation Status Graduating
Student Name Cooper Ry Lees
Course Name Bachelor of Internet Science and Technology
Specialisation Internet Applications
Award with Distinction
Date of Graduation 13-12-2006

It has come to the time where I say goodbye to Full-time Education/Study. It has been a good 3 years @ UOW and I have made many good friends and pwn3d many n00bs. There will be things I will miss and things that I will not. Here are some pics of some UOW time. Thanks to all who came and celebrated the End of Session / My end of Uni. Twas a good night. GL all who is still @ Uni. For me hopefully I get a job now and continue using mad skillz.


Clicky Clicky ...

I have already picked on one lecturer - Might as well hilight anothers well structured quote ...

dfs: " I like Backdoorsย…"
Lecture 2 Week 3 - Slide 97/102 - Notes Section.

My Fav - I wonder why ...

dfs: "There are various kinds of cooper media"
Lecture 1 Week 4 - Slide 20/100

Till the extremely large Pissup events initiate due to the finishing of my University degree. All is Welcome to join myself and many other UOW students in the end of session piss up that has become the manditory way of finishing a session. So for me this will be escelated (set-uid time) due to the finishing of my DEGREE !

Time: Around 5:00pm (After CSCI322 exam :P)
Date Wednesday 8th November 2006
Location: Start at UniBar - Get free Bus into town to continue the good times ...

dfs, Corrine and Cuneo say: "Be there or ur like soft ... Like Cuneo"

Bored Uni Students

A new website created by some buddies of mine - In very early times of development. Stay tuned for more Bored Uni Student Action !

I Quote:
"A private network using TCP/IP must use IP addresses," (Yu, P. 2006).
Daniel Lipa: "What does PHP Stand For?"
Ping Yu: "I don't know ... " *Puzzled look on face*

Good times and good asian food @ Uni. You should all try it ! The grape juice below no joke tastes like "Liquid Grape Nerds" (the candy).


Thanks dfs for the great Apple branded hot substance drinking utensils !
-- I have been granted both a Apple Porcelin Mug and a Stainless Steel WWDC06 Coffee Container. --
Man I feel american now! Now to go to Starbucks to use free Wireless !