Happy F*&^&*( Australia Day

Cheers !

Big Becks 21st Pics!

Crazy fun awsome night had by all. David and myself were in the spa till 5:00am … Look at the pics for the crazyness that took place…

The Whale Lives !

Yes ladies and gents Gizzi’s old whale lives! Here is the proof: … and its still running … somehow … Poor old Shagna – coped it hard…

NSW Speed Camera Locations

As I have a bit of a road trip to Northern Sydney this Saturday I did some research on my route and also where speed cameras are….

WTC – 404 Error !

Files Not found !

Subaru Liberty LX For Sale

My Second 1993 Subaru Liberty LX is for sale. Hit at front and back – but great for parts. I require no more parts from it and…