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Already the blog has reached 50 posts. And the popularity is still on the rise. Help make this blog better by commenting things and even emailing me and telling me things I should do or should put on here. May the good content continue to get spammed. !

*Cheers* Heres to another 50 posts comming your way soon !

Some friends of ours, we shall name them... "gnomerer" and "boris"... thought they might have some fun on thursday night. Heres the story and some pics!!!


Close up...

Gnome Zoom

mahazz says:
give me a run down of the story, for the fans!!

gnomerer says:
we was walk'n through a caravan park when we noticed a lil bob cat, and the lil bob cat called me a bitch, so naturaly i pulled out a tube of liquid nails. boris readied a gnome that had been aquired through a previous outing. the tube of liquid nails was then emptied on the seat of the poty mouthed bob cat and the gnome then became the new permanant driver of the lil bob cat

gnomerer says:
symple as dat

mahazz says:
do u and boris often play with gnomes together? :p

gnomerer says:
O yes all the time....

You know, nothing beats working your ass off all year for a free* lunch!

This is what the top %5 of the Informatics department look like, ahh what a handsome lot! I pointed out the people who actually somewhat matter some of the time... OH and i pointed out camden too!
Informatics pwnerers pic

Someone actually let this guy (4th from bottom right) get up and read out the names of everyone. This guy was SO boring someone needed to put a mirror next to his mouth to see if he was still alive.
- MattyB

*free: 8 subjects, around $600 each... $4,800

My friend Carlos wanted to say Hi ! He is a fan and a good bloke !

He use to work out my fathers old Mexican resturaunt while in Australia completing his University Degrees !

HAHA ... what a funny fella ...

If you don't get why this is funny go HERE. Nerd humour @ it's best ...

Look @ what friends and I got in trouble for today ! We got passed this note whilst in a class discussion ...

Click for Larger Res Image.

Hhahaha ... was gold. Well done tutor "Levi Scofield" (he stole his name from prison break)!

Hello everyone, Mr. Gizzi here to inform you of an absolutely fascinating article which should inform and entertain all but the most discerning readers. Squeamish beware, the most in-depth article on the small brown nuggets we all know and love, Dog shit. An excellent read.

Kids love a good diet

World's Largest HDTV - Gizmodo

Dam thats big !

Will you Mum agree ?