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Booked for 15 people - 7:00pm - Chilli's - 13 people confirmed - Awaiting more !!

UOW Peers ... It has become the time (due to many reasons) that we should meet, eat and greet. I believe this Friday (22-06-2007) is a good time to go somewhere, eat, drink and talk crap to one another. Burf is finishing uni, you have all completed exams so I believe that is a good time for people like myself who are now in the real world to come and share stories.

Proposed Evening:

7:00pm – Chillies (Fairy Ghetto) ...

9:00pm – 10:00pm – Out to North Gong or somewhere to consume a few quiet drinks and have good time.

Please all get back to me asap via phone or email. I would like to finalise numbers etc. Wednesday and ring places etc. I think Darko is in Russia? So I doubt he will come ... tight ass.

Let me know if you wish to bring friend(s) / partner.

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