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You know, nothing beats working your ass off all year for a free* lunch!

This is what the top %5 of the Informatics department look like, ahh what a handsome lot! I pointed out the people who actually somewhat matter some of the time... OH and i pointed out camden too!
Informatics pwnerers pic

Someone actually let this guy (4th from bottom right) get up and read out the names of everyone. This guy was SO boring someone needed to put a mirror next to his mouth to see if he was still alive.
- MattyB

*free: 8 subjects, around $600 each... $4,800

Look @ what friends and I got in trouble for today ! We got passed this note whilst in a class discussion ...

Click for Larger Res Image.

Hhahaha ... was gold. Well done tutor "Levi Scofield" (he stole his name from prison break)!

CSCI399 - 86 - HD
IACT304 - 86 - HD
IACT302 - 78 - D
CSCI212 - 70 - C

All I can do is 🙂

Thats right folkes - 1 session of Uni to go for me, Cooper Ry Lees. Excited, yes, Happy, yes, over assignments and tests, yes.

Uni is good and bad and I will miss the bludgy aspects and friends I still am excited that I have 1 session left and I graduate 😉

Fantastic! Can you see the end? 😀
Monday - STAT assignment due
Tuesday - IACT302 assignment due

Wednesday - CSCI399 assignment due

Thursday - CSCI446 assignment due

Friday - OMGWTF pissup!