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Here is a table of the ports that are used for chassis cluster control link and management ports on Branch SRX devices.

The quoted ports are the 'stand alone' non clustered port names (not node1's port names once clustered). In a SRX cluster the PIM slots on node1 start at the last PIM slot of node0 + 1. For example, a SRX240 cluster's node1 starts at PIM 5. It's control link port is effectively ge-5/0/1).

Model FXP0 (Management) FXP1 (Control Link)
SRX100 fe-0/0/6 fe-0/0/7
SRX210 fe-0/0/6 fe-0/0/7
SRX220 ge-0/0/6 (> 11.0) ge-0/0/7
SRX240 ge-0/0/0 ge-0/0/1
SRX550 ge-0/0/0 ge-0/0/1
SRX650 ge-0/0/0 ge-0/0/1

 *fab0 and fab1 interfaces (Data Link) are always configurable, e.g.:

  • set interfaces fab0 fabric-options member-interfaces ge-0/0/2
  • set interfaces fab1 fabric-options member-interfaces ge-5/0/2

Cooper's tip of the moment, ALWAYS backup your Junos configurations. Hate when a customer does not, your router does not have raid (unless it has redundant REs, VC or is in a Chassis Cluster :)). It's a built in feature of Junos so use it! It even allows multiple sites, so if you have DR site with storage - Push it there too!

Here is the conf:

set system archival configuration transfer-on-commit
set system archival configuration archive-sites "scp://junos@x.x.x.x/data/configs/DEVICE" password "bla"
set system archival configuration archive-sites "scp://junos@y.y.y.y/data/configs/DEVICE" password "bla"

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