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Raspberry Pi Powered Fireplace

Mr Aijay Adams and I am back making my Fireplace Internet / Smart device controllable. Now, via a very sexy Web UI, when I’m heading back to Chateau Tahoe, I can turn my fireplace on to be ready as soon as I walk in the door. Sexy warmth controlled by a sexy custom made API. [ View Post… ]


Are you using the latest Linux kernel firewall?. Here are some notes I’ve saved that I use and forget all the time. I plan to add to this as I do more. Hopefully it helps you work something out one day. Note: I am using inet tables combining my IPv4 and IPv6 rulesets. List Tables [ View Post… ]

RPM vs OPKG Cheat Sheet

Recently in the Terragraph project I work on we changed from RPM to OPKG to removes some dependencies (e.g. perl) and make our overall image size smaller. I’ve never driven OPKG, but know RPM, so I made this cheat sheet for my shit memory. I’m cheap so I don’t have a Table plugin – So [ View Post… ]

Ansible + Handy PyPI CLI Tools

I often use a lot of PyPI CLI tools. Here is an example of how to get them easily installed and kept up to date via Ansible on Ubuntu >= 18.04. Install base pip via apt then run pip: – name: Get Python3 pip package: name: python3-pip state: latest – name: Add some handy Python [ View Post… ]

NXOS Simple IPv6 BGP Peering

It took me far to long to find out how to config this, so I’m sharing it to be more searching on the Internets. Scenario: – NXOS BGP ‘upsteam’ / ‘north bound’ peer sharing the default route only – Linux box runs Quagga sharing it’s /56 routable behind it Nexus Conf feature bgp router bgp [ View Post… ]

Python pip ‘editable’ installing

From time to time I get asked (and I even have to ask a coworker) for the best way to install a Python modules (especially ones with entry points) into a virtualenv and still edit / develop with them. It seems ​pip install’s ‘-e’ is very unknown. pip install -e /path/you/are/editing Will allow you to develop [ View Post… ]