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I Quote:
"A private network using TCP/IP must use IP addresses," (Yu, P. 2006).
Daniel Lipa: "What does PHP Stand For?"
Ping Yu: "I don't know ... " *Puzzled look on face*

I found this funny. The IE team sent the Firefox team this cake:

Thanks to all how came, I think it was one of the best parties for ages ! (I am bias ...) But yeh great night, plenty of fun. All grog gone by 10:30pm - $900 ... ROFL. I will enjoy all the gifts, things like a blow up Sheep (thanks Polock) to my suit cases there all awsome with 100000 cards ;). THe v8 driving and Sky diving will have to take place soon. There are some good pics out there of the party too ! Click below! 😛

Click on the Left Pic for John's Pics
Click on the Right Pic for Mum's Pics


Happy Birthday legend.

We all had an awesome time at your bday party, great booz great food, good to see saf there! those dancing girls were out of control!!!
Will try blog some pictures i took with john's camera later tonight!

Hope you pulled up ok, you were reeeeally drunk!

some fair l33t python in this issue:

- Quick Look at TurboGears
- WiFi Security Threats
- Introduction to Python
- TurboGears: Deployment and Scaling
- ATA over Ethernet
- Deploying T1s with Linux
- Layer 2 Security Testing