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A great quote, that is so true ...

“A programmer is much like a virtuoso musician. They know their instrument extremely well. They may know, and occasionally play other instruments, but tend to focus almost exclusively on one. A sysadmin is more like the conductor. They have to know about all the instruments, the characteristics of each, how they play and sound together and in contrast with others. Then [they] need to understand the timing, the sound characteristics of the hall, etc. and make everything work together.”

- System administrator

8:00am Monday morning driving to work - Time for a weekly dose of Twit !

Twit Live on iPhone 4

GG Telstra 3G - Coverage 95% + of the way ..

Hi Leo and Mr Dvorak - You're live in Wollongong, NSW AU there 🙂

Don't have a webcam but have a Wireless Network and a iPhone? Found an awesome app that will allow you to install drivers to talk to your iPhone using Bonjour and share the camera with appications like Skype.

There are drivers for Windows + Mac OS X

iPhone Webcamera

Get the Drivers here - App on the iTunes App Store