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Lets go Dragons, keep it rolling from here. Last night the boys played the way we should. Cooper and Ryles back next week hopefully things only get better for the Dragons ! GG Gaz for signing up for another 5 years mate ...


Gutsy comback by the maroons, almost got there as usual. But a nice kick from Finch. Not a favorite but both him and Anasta played well 😉 Good work Boys. Now, Dragons Turn !


Fantastic! Can you see the end? 😀
Monday - STAT assignment due
Tuesday - IACT302 assignment due

Wednesday - CSCI399 assignment due

Thursday - CSCI446 assignment due

Friday - OMGWTF pissup!

My Powerbook is for sale. Please visit the page linked above for more information ! Spead the world ... a bargain buy !


I came accross this on my HD again. If you have not seen the demented cartoon mirror I say you set aside the 20 mins it goes for and watch it ! It will make u feel stupider than you already are ! Farthing came accross this years ago !


Howdy all you fans,

I have finally bothered to get a blog up and running. Here will just be crap about what I like and do. Something for me to spam on and crap on about sutff.

That is all for now.