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Congrats to Shane Warne on getting 700 tests wickets and helping us smack the poms and retaining the ashes !

Very funny article about a Sex driving parasite.

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Hey! I went rally driving in a pretty quick evo @ Oran park. It was fun - Thanks for Jazzzzy for the present and thanks to Danny for coming up with me 😉
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Comp Sci nerds graduation day 😉 Distinction average ahoy ! 😉
Was a good day, ta to all who attended 😉 Click on the pics to see the rest of the pics 😉
What a drunk fool! HAHAHA
** Please children @ home do not have drunk fights at ur 21st when you have mates from the army who like to kick you in the head! **

1 Day after the event ...

2 days after the event - taken with new l33t digi cam we gave gizzi 😉

It's now home, and hosted in my bedroom ! Welcome home Mr Blog! Thanks to paul for his hosting services in the past.

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9:45 am Wednesday 13 December
Mr John Mann, Principal Consultant & retired Regional Manager BHP Steel Information Systems
Awards from the School of Information Technology and Computer Science (SITACS)Awards from the School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics (SMAS)

Student Number 2790580 Graduation Status Graduating
Student Name Cooper Ry Lees
Course Name Bachelor of Internet Science and Technology
Specialisation Internet Applications
Award with Distinction
Date of Graduation 13-12-2006

dear cooperlees bloggers!

the Wii has been released in Australia today 😉

the wii

note that it is as tall as a DVD case, small as!
i am off to pickup my pre-order 🙂

Matty B