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Hahaha, Awsome - Work with Playboy, every Sys Admins dream job !

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This is a cool benchmark with the new Leopard Mac OS X comparing the 32bit release and 64bit ... Interesting results.


Look at these puppies - and only 7500 pounds for 4 tyres to go on 'em !

GG Eclipse (this webserver). Been up for 150 days straight - gg, good effort. Good work Paulo.

Wonderful Internet
Boys been goin well, Telstra Stadium this Saturday ! w00t ! - Channel 9 - Watch it !

I hope we pump Melbprne cause they made me sad @ the 1999 Grand Final !

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PHP asdmysqlequalsthumbs up!
perl = thumbs down.

just ask wikipedia! -->

I just realised... this was exactly 5 years ago!