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CSCI399 - 86 - HD
IACT304 - 86 - HD
IACT302 - 78 - D
CSCI212 - 70 - C

All I can do is 🙂

Sweden United

The worlds sexiest soccer team .... CLICK NOW

The Most Feared Military Force In The World

Check out these hectic military force !

Internode Games Network :: - Pure Pwnage 11

Go download it now !

Football Team - 2006 FIFA World Cup

THe boys have made it to the Second round, gutsy effort dispite some lackluster referee action ! Good work and time to beat the pizza/pasta eaters ! w00t GG Aussies ! Also all go out and 'obtain' a copy of "Freedom Of Thought - Green and Gold " (Socceroos theme song), it goes off ! I want to hear it cranking everywhere !


Click on the asian link above to laugh at some funny Asian toilet moments ! AHHAHA

Episode 11 will be released on the Internet on Wednesday June 21st at 5pm EST. All get ready to l33ch.

/me rubs head. Fuck, Farthings 21st and then Scottys bucks night the day after ! Drinking from 12:00pm till 3:00am is a big day ! Was total pwn4g3 weekend, good time by all involved, my first bucks night ... was good good good... just Felt like some random spam. That is all ... hopefully pics to come soon 😉 PICS


A little bit of programmer rap humour 🙂 check it out.


Click Here for Pic