Uni Results are out !

CSCI399 – 86 – HD IACT304 – 86 – HD IACT302 – 78 – D CSCI212 – 70 – C All I can do is 🙂

Sweden United

Sweden United The worlds sexiest soccer team …. CLICK NOW

The Most Feared Military Force In The World

The Most Feared Military Force In The World Check out these hectic military force !

Pure Pwnage 11

Internode Games Network :: – Pure Pwnage 11 Go download it now !

Socceroos – 2006 FIFA World Cup

Football Team – 2006 FIFA World Cup THe boys have made it to the Second round, gutsy effort dispite some lackluster referee action ! Good work and…

Chong Toilet Set-Ups !

[视频]流動廁所 Click on the asian link above to laugh at some funny Asian toilet moments ! AHHAHA

Pure Pwnage 11

Episode 11 will be released on the Internet on Wednesday June 21st at 5pm EST. All get ready to l33ch.

What a Weekend !

/me rubs head. Fuck, Farthings 21st and then Scottys bucks night the day after ! Drinking from 12:00pm till 3:00am is a big day ! Was total…

Kill Dash Nine

A little bit of programmer rap humour 🙂 check it out. http://www.monzy.com/intro/killdashnine_lyrics.html peace, Mahazza

Keep your Back door CLOSED …

Click Here for Pic