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For another year. And many of the roumers were true:

- Thin notebook came with the introduction of the Macbook Air


- Itunes Movie Rentals- Time Capsule

- A wireless Access Point / Wireless Storage Device to use with Time Machine

I still would of prefered a 12" fatter Mac like my old 12" Powerbook. Apple also still need a de-tuned Mac Pro, with 1 core 2 Processor and more affordable for that average punter. 

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Happy 21st Mate.

Had a good fish and did have fun @ the Go-Karts dispite myself getting the shits due to the awsome Go-Kart I was so loverly given to race in ...


Congrats to Chris and myself for being the only people who didn't sleep on the boat ! Pansy's everywhere ...

Congrats to Scott and Lisa on having their Baby Boy Riley. So we went out and celebrated and the beautiful Albion Park Pub


Some Great Random shots from Chook ... Thanks mate ... 

HA HA HA ! I got robbed by TWO MEN !


LOL ! Congrats to the ANSTO Apps team for finding such high quality You Tube content !

Always ride in comfort with:


Haha - This big bad plane will allow net access (awsome) but has a joined network design with the plane controlling equipment networks ... Not a good idea ! (Click for More Info)


Well from a bright an early start this morning, Nathan (Danny) Parsons, Robert Andrew Karhof and myself set off in the Snot down to the Nation's Capital for Summernats 21's final day.


 It turned out to be a typical, hot, hot Canberra day. It was good fun. Lots of cars, some abnomalies and got to see some pannel van crash on the burnout strip (poor bastard). Danny and Rob did well and got well Subburnt. I was under my new trust Somberro for the majority of the day! It did well. Also I can't believe the Aussie's won the cricket today as well! Pup Clarke what a fluke ! hahah. Good work all. Click on the pictures to view more 🙂


Hey All, yes, it's 2008. Another year passes. I am getting old :(. I wish you all Happy New years and hope you will all achieve your New Year Resolutions. I had a fun New Years Eve starting @ Johnny's place and then heading to the champs. I also just came back from Perth. Perth was good fun but dam hot! Here are some snaps:

 Perth 2007 Perth 2007 Perth 2007

You all be good now. Back to the grind the 1 week break is over 🙁