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Was a great weekend up in Terrigal seeing the family and attending my cousin Chris's wedding. Welcome to the family Kat and I hope all will be as good as the weekend. Was a good weekend and the family and I had a great time. Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Thanks to all how came, I think it was one of the best parties for ages ! (I am bias ...) But yeh great night, plenty of fun. All grog gone by 10:30pm - $900 ... ROFL. I will enjoy all the gifts, things like a blow up Sheep (thanks Polock) to my suit cases there all awsome with 100000 cards ;). THe v8 driving and Sky diving will have to take place soon. There are some good pics out there of the party too ! Click below! 😛

Click on the Left Pic for John's Pics
Click on the Right Pic for Mum's Pics

I am and will be listing a lot of ebay auctions getting rid of computer parts and things alike. Examples are cisco / netgear networking equipment and even a duel PIII 1u server ...
I am also ebaying a 2006 Signed NSW Rugby League Jersey as a fundraiser for my mothers dance school ... So if interested please bid !

All my auctions can be view here.


The party is open to all friends, if every 1 could contact some one on the rsvp contact list asap,byo is welcome but i garente we have mre booze. $$$ contributions can be give to any one of the rsvp contacts and ur name will be recorded to the guest list.

if you aint been here befor and dont know where we are just contact John (info on invite)

Funny Vid explaining to a child why mummy left - Stream Here