Chopper Reid Videos !!

Another blog (Ozman’s Blog) I visit regularly has all the chopper videos ! GO WATCH – Lots o laughs …

Ebay Auctions !

I am and will be listing a lot of ebay auctions getting rid of computer parts and things alike. Examples are cisco / netgear networking equipment and…

Asian Pwn4g3 @ Uni

Good times and good asian food @ Uni. You should all try it ! The grape juice below no joke tastes like “Liquid Grape Nerds” (the candy)….

SuperSoaker Flamethrower

First post on the coop forums. Pwnage. Check out the crazy bastard with a supersoaker flamethrower. LOL. EVEN More Crazier Camden

Apple Mugs – Thanks to DFS !

Thanks dfs for the great Apple branded hot substance drinking utensils ! — I have been granted both a Apple Porcelin Mug and a Stainless Steel WWDC06…

Asus Bittorrent Wireless Router !

A leechers Dream, also make normal Cams IP Cams and a USB Network printer Sharer, attach USB external drives the list goes on ! More Info Click…

Toga Toga TOGA!

The party is open to all friends, if every 1 could contact some one on the rsvp contact list asap,byo is welcome but i garente we have…

Mean old folks

This is fair funny.


this is pro stuff.

Bill Gates Farewell – Windows Style

Video20-Bill Gates farewell on David Letterman show ROFL ! Bye bye bill Windows Style !