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Another blog (Ozman's Blog) I visit regularly has all the chopper videos !

GO WATCH - Lots o laughs ...

I am and will be listing a lot of ebay auctions getting rid of computer parts and things alike. Examples are cisco / netgear networking equipment and even a duel PIII 1u server ...
I am also ebaying a 2006 Signed NSW Rugby League Jersey as a fundraiser for my mothers dance school ... So if interested please bid !

All my auctions can be view here.


Good times and good asian food @ Uni. You should all try it ! The grape juice below no joke tastes like "Liquid Grape Nerds" (the candy).


First post on the coop forums. Pwnage.

Check out the crazy bastard with a supersoaker flamethrower. LOL.

EVEN More Crazier


Thanks dfs for the great Apple branded hot substance drinking utensils !
-- I have been granted both a Apple Porcelin Mug and a Stainless Steel WWDC06 Coffee Container. --
Man I feel american now! Now to go to Starbucks to use free Wireless !

A leechers Dream, also make normal Cams IP Cams and a USB Network printer Sharer, attach USB external drives the list goes on !

More Info Click here

The party is open to all friends, if every 1 could contact some one on the rsvp contact list asap,byo is welcome but i garente we have mre booze. $$$ contributions can be give to any one of the rsvp contacts and ur name will be recorded to the guest list.

if you aint been here befor and dont know where we are just contact John (info on invite)

This is fair funny.

this is pro stuff.

Video20-Bill Gates farewell on David Letterman show

ROFL ! Bye bye bill Windows Style !