KFC 20Twenty Top 10 6’s

If you did not see all the biggest hits of the 2010 KFC Big Bash here they are – Awesome stuff. I do love David “The Canon”…

The UroClub – Pee’ing @ Golf


Hectic Hike

All a bit to much for me !http://www.brightcove.tv/playerswf

BLower’s 21st Weekend

Happy 21st Mate. Had a good fish and did have fun @ the Go-Karts dispite myself getting the shits due to the awsome Go-Kart I was so…

Apple Training + Finally Dragons

Last week friends and I from work attended Mac OS X Support Essentials. It was a fun week, especially heading out to China town for great asian…

Congrats Warne!

Congrats to Shane Warne on getting 700 tests wickets and helping us smack the poms and retaining the ashes !

Rally Day Pics !

Hey! I went rally driving in a pretty quick evo @ Oran park. It was fun – Thanks for Jazzzzy for the present and thanks to Danny…

“Where the bloody hell are ya?”

!vb:yt,zlpbHqlnnAM! The full version of the new ad.

Go the Dragons !

Boys been goin well, Telstra Stadium this Saturday ! w00t ! – Channel 9 – Watch it ! I hope we pump Melbprne cause they made me…

Priest goes Crazy/Racist!

Check this crazy bastard out ! Stream – P.s. Contains Naughty Language ! Thanks to JR Gibbo for this baby 😉