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Telstra has finally uncapped it's ADSL1 network - Meaning higher speeds for us ! I have just churned to Exetel to get:

You have applied for the ADSL Plan: T 10U
This ADSL Line Speed is at: 8192/384 (32 gig)
The monthly ADSL access charge is : 65.00

This is awsome and according to the site it's a $45.00 churn fee but on my invoice it said free ! w00t 🙂 (I kept proof of that!). Due to this, the blog and mail will shift to my own server due to the increase of bandwidth and a static ip ;). (I will have to settle down on torrents).
I encourage you all to churn asap. If you do please refer me. To do so email me and I shall give you my telephone number to quote on the online form.



The full version of the new ad.

Was a great weekend up in Terrigal seeing the family and attending my cousin Chris's wedding. Welcome to the family Kat and I hope all will be as good as the weekend. Was a good weekend and the family and I had a great time. Here are some pictures from the weekend:

It has come to the time where I say goodbye to Full-time Education/Study. It has been a good 3 years @ UOW and I have made many good friends and pwn3d many n00bs. There will be things I will miss and things that I will not. Here are some pics of some UOW time. Thanks to all who came and celebrated the End of Session / My end of Uni. Twas a good night. GL all who is still @ Uni. For me hopefully I get a job now and continue using mad skillz.


Clicky Clicky ...

Yo its Giz, my 21st is coming up, heres the invite. Whoever is coming, shoot off an SMS to me at 0431296809, or email at

Its going to be a great night! so sex up and come along for some drinky drinky

21st Invite

I have already picked on one lecturer - Might as well hilight anothers well structured quote ...

dfs: " I like Backdoors…"
Lecture 2 Week 3 - Slide 97/102 - Notes Section.

My Fav - I wonder why ...

dfs: "There are various kinds of cooper media"
Lecture 1 Week 4 - Slide 20/100

Till the extremely large Pissup events initiate due to the finishing of my University degree. All is Welcome to join myself and many other UOW students in the end of session piss up that has become the manditory way of finishing a session. So for me this will be escelated (set-uid time) due to the finishing of my DEGREE !

Time: Around 5:00pm (After CSCI322 exam :P)
Date Wednesday 8th November 2006
Location: Start at UniBar - Get free Bus into town to continue the good times ...

dfs, Corrine and Cuneo say: "Be there or ur like soft ... Like Cuneo"

Bored Uni Students

A new website created by some buddies of mine - In very early times of development. Stay tuned for more Bored Uni Student Action !