Do you also write a lot of services that need a few CLI option (e.g. --config) and or little CLI tools from time to time? Want a base CLI + logging to stderr template to start from?

I always do, so I have Python and Rust base CLI code templtes shared on GitHub that I use all the time:

I also have sample base GitHub Actions to steal so that you can keep your:

  • Code tested
  • Code formatted
  • Type Checked / compiled
    on commit.

Dependabot will also keep the depdendecies up to date on these templates, so you can rely on them using the latest hotness.

Steal them today and contribute back handy enhancements as you see fit!


Click based, using base logging function with a logging format I love. Logging is usally info or debug.


clap based, logging with a more standard glog like logging output.

  • -vvv to make it useful logging

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