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Sweden United

The worlds sexiest soccer team .... CLICK NOW

Football Team - 2006 FIFA World Cup

THe boys have made it to the Second round, gutsy effort dispite some lackluster referee action ! Good work and time to beat the pizza/pasta eaters ! w00t GG Aussies ! Also all go out and 'obtain' a copy of "Freedom Of Thought - Green and Gold " (Socceroos theme song), it goes off ! I want to hear it cranking everywhere !

Lets go Dragons, keep it rolling from here. Last night the boys played the way we should. Cooper and Ryles back next week hopefully things only get better for the Dragons ! GG Gaz for signing up for another 5 years mate ...

Gutsy comback by the maroons, almost got there as usual. But a nice kick from Finch. Not a favorite but both him and Anasta played well 😉 Good work Boys. Now, Dragons Turn !