Hey! I went rally driving in a pretty quick evo @ Oran park. It was fun - Thanks for Jazzzzy for the present and thanks to Danny for coming up with me 😉
Click for pictures
2 thoughts on “Rally Day Pics !”
  1. In regards to those pictures of the “choice” petrol station in Picton… it used to be called infinity but they changed the name to choice to attract more customers. Nobody from Picton ever goes there as there’s a Shell just 50m down the road. Please don’t judge the whole of Picton by that shoddy petty station… i swear Picton is a lovely town… with good petrol.

  2. Fuck it was choice tho … I prefer Good LUCK Resturaunt – Dine in Dine Out …. HAHAHA
    I had my fuel light on cause I didn’t wanna stop in Camden to get petty – to be seen there would be devistating … !

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