Telstra has finally uncapped it's ADSL1 network - Meaning higher speeds for us ! I have just churned to Exetel to get:

You have applied for the ADSL Plan: T 10U
This ADSL Line Speed is at: 8192/384 (32 gig)
The monthly ADSL access charge is : 65.00

This is awsome and according to the site it's a $45.00 churn fee but on my invoice it said free ! w00t 🙂 (I kept proof of that!). Due to this, the blog and mail will shift to my own server due to the increase of bandwidth and a static ip ;). (I will have to settle down on torrents).
I encourage you all to churn asap. If you do please refer me. To do so email me and I shall give you my telephone number to quote on the online form.


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