SRX110 and ADSL2+

So work was awesome this year and bought me an SRX110 for Xmas. I thought that I would share, to configure it's vDSL interface to use adsl (with Australian VPI and VCI), you just configure the interface as if it was an ADSL PIM.

Here is the config:

set interfaces at-1/0/0 description "ADSL Interface"
set interfaces at-1/0/0 mtu 1540
set interfaces at-1/0/0 encapsulation atm-pvc
set interfaces at-1/0/0 atm-options vpi 8
set interfaces at-1/0/0 dsl-options operating-mode auto
set interfaces at-1/0/0 unit 0 description PPPoA
set interfaces at-1/0/0 unit 0 encapsulation atm-ppp-llc
set interfaces at-1/0/0 unit 0 vci 8.35
set interfaces at-1/0/0 unit 0 ppp-options chap default-chap-secret "PASSWORD"
set interfaces at-1/0/0 unit 0 ppp-options chap local-name "username@ISP"
set interfaces at-1/0/0 unit 0 ppp-options chap passive
set interfaces at-1/0/0 unit 0 family inet address x.x.x.x/32

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  1. I’m having some odd issues with my PPPoE (not PPPoA) setup.. what mss are you clamping?

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