So I am now in the land of the 'Flapping Head' eh! (Dam they like to say eh! LOL) I arrived on Sunday (10/08/2008) afternoon after an 'interesting' flight in a very small aircraft from Pittsburgh to Toronto (or known as T-dot to the locals). Once arrived I waited, waited and waited some more for my luggage - but all to no avail. Air Canada are great! So feeling like I was back @ ANSTO (my place of work) I participated in filling out the boring forms and completing all the rigmarole required in order for them to find/recover/get to me my bags. They were ever so kind tho to offer me $50 to get 'bare essential' clothing tho; Thanks guys! Eventually contact was made and my suitcase was delivered to Carolyns home residence in Perth, Ontario - One of the most historic and pretty towns I have ever been/seen.

But apart from this my meeting up with Drew and Carolyn has been great! I am having a blast. Going to the Scien Tower in T-dot and then met a great family down in Niagara Falls, the Martins. They were great and I thank them for a great feed and great Canadian hospitality. At the falls we went on the Maid of the Mist which is a truly great experience. Please make sure you look at the pics (when I upload them) for this! 'The Falls' are amazing!

I have also seemed to be on a war path. I have developed (This I can thank Paul for this) a cold and have broken my smallest toe on my left foot tripping on the grass! LOL - Dam I must be getting old, all these injuries. I am now in Calgary staying at one of Carolyn's friends place.

We have since headed out west to see some of the most beautiful parts of the world in Alberta and British Columbia. Camping and going out each night has been the norm. I am now in a sweet hostel in Whistler about to head out to Victoria Island near Vancouver. Check out this crazy ball thing I took on Yesterday:

Big Ball Thing - Rocked
Big Ball Thing - Rocked


Over and out c00p eh!

3 thoughts on “In Canada !”
  1. i told you that canada was the best place ever! i am glad you now finally believe something that has come out my mouth! enjoy victoria – it’s a very pretty little town that is full of fish and chip places! 🙂 the museum there is pretty awesome!

  2. Mr Beckett said “Cooper who?” oh he has become redundant.
    DM is getting band 20

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