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Happy Birthday you old shager! Thanks for the day off work. It's long weekends like this that make me proud to be Australian, proud to be a working class man and proud to still be part of the "Commonwealth."

Coop Celebrating the Queens Birthday

Twas a good weekend with some fun events taking place. Was a quiet Friday evening recovering from a tuff week @ ANSTO followed by a Big Saturday afternoon / evening @ Gibbos for a good old BBQ Pissup.

Coop and teh Gib


As usual I drank to much. Sunday morning and SunDAY in general was not the best - seedy as. I did how ever have a funny day helping my good mate Myjo take a HUGE trailor load of crap from his back shed to the dump behind his little Suziki Sierra. This was done so that he could move out to his garrage and be more like yours truely. 😛 Was a funny site - The trailor was bigger than ther car. Sunday evening was followed up with a few ales at North Gong and Glassy - average cold night.


I would also like to say come on Dragons ffs. They lost to the worst team in the comp (Sharks) this evening. We suck atm. End of story there. So happy Birthday Queenie, thanks for the long weekend. 😉

- Coop

Crazy fun awsome night had by all. David and myself were in the spa till 5:00am ...
Look at the pics for the crazyness that took place
What a drunk fool! HAHAHA
** Please children @ home do not have drunk fights at ur 21st when you have mates from the army who like to kick you in the head! **

1 Day after the event ...

2 days after the event - taken with new l33t digi cam we gave gizzi 😉

Yo its Giz, my 21st is coming up, heres the invite. Whoever is coming, shoot off an SMS to me at 0431296809, or email at

Its going to be a great night! so sex up and come along for some drinky drinky

21st Invite

Bored Uni Students

A new website created by some buddies of mine - In very early times of development. Stay tuned for more Bored Uni Student Action !

Thanks to all how came, I think it was one of the best parties for ages ! (I am bias ...) But yeh great night, plenty of fun. All grog gone by 10:30pm - $900 ... ROFL. I will enjoy all the gifts, things like a blow up Sheep (thanks Polock) to my suit cases there all awsome with 100000 cards ;). THe v8 driving and Sky diving will have to take place soon. There are some good pics out there of the party too ! Click below! 😛

Click on the Left Pic for John's Pics
Click on the Right Pic for Mum's Pics

The party is open to all friends, if every 1 could contact some one on the rsvp contact list asap,byo is welcome but i garente we have mre booze. $$$ contributions can be give to any one of the rsvp contacts and ur name will be recorded to the guest list.

if you aint been here befor and dont know where we are just contact John (info on invite)

Was a pwn night. Funny and good to see everyone dressed up ! Here are some pics.

/me rubs head. Fuck, Farthings 21st and then Scottys bucks night the day after ! Drinking from 12:00pm till 3:00am is a big day ! Was total pwn4g3 weekend, good time by all involved, my first bucks night ... was good good good... just Felt like some random spam. That is all ... hopefully pics to come soon 😉 PICS