Recently in the Terragraph project I work on we changed from RPM to OPKG to removes some dependencies (e.g. perl) and make our overall image size smaller. I've never driven OPKG, but know RPM, so I made this cheat sheet for my shit memory.

I'm cheap so I don't have a Table plugin - So used Python to generate me one 🤠

| RPM Cmd                  | OPKG Cmd                      |
| rpm -qa                  | opkg list-installed           |
| rpm -qf <FILE>           | opkg search <FILE>            |
| rpm -i[vh] --force <PKG> | opkg install [--force*] <PKG> |
| rpm -e --force <PKG>     | opkg remove [--force*] <PKG>  |
- opkg Force Examples:

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