3 More Tests – 4 days … Till the Final Outing

Wtf does this do ?

Till the extremely large Pissup events initiate due to the finishing of my University degree. All is Welcome to join myself and many other UOW students in the end of session piss up that has become the manditory way of finishing a session. So for me this will be escelated (set-uid time) due to the finishing of my DEGREE !

Time: Around 5:00pm (After CSCI322 exam :P)
Date Wednesday 8th November 2006
Location: Start at UniBar – Get free Bus into town to continue the good times …

dfs, Corrine and Cuneo say: “Be there or ur like soft … Like Cuneo”

Author: cooperlees

Nerd @ FB

10 thoughts on “3 More Tests – 4 days … Till the Final Outing”

  1. I’ll be there..


    Daniel F. Saffioti
    School of Information Technology and Computer Science
    University of Wollongong

    Information Management Division
    Australian Nuclear Science Technology Organisation (ANSTO)

    Building 3, University of Wollongong, Northfields
    Avenue, Wollongong NSW 2522 AUSTRALIA
    [p-uow] +61 2 4221 4357
    [p-gov] +61 2 9717 3548
    [e] dfs@uow.edu.au
    [w] http://www.uow.edu.au/~dfs


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