Wii Released

dear cooperlees bloggers! the Wii has been released in Australia today 😉 note that it is as tall as a DVD case, small as! i am off…


Coop! Happy Birthday legend. We all had an awesome time at your bday party, great booz great food, good to see saf there! those dancing girls were…

o3 Magazine Issue 5!

some fair l33t python in this issue: http://www.o3magazine.com – Quick Look at TurboGears – WiFi Security Threats – Introduction to Python – TurboGears: Deployment and Scaling -…

Bling Bling – 30’s the thing !

Look at these puppies – and only 7500 pounds for 4 tyres to go on ’em !

It’s a Wonderful Internet!

PHP + MySQL = Thumbs UP!

perl = thumbs down. just ask wikipedia! –> www.mediawiki.org


I just realised… this was exactly 5 years ago!

Gimmi a kiss!

hot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7YY_sP3Dmc

Toga Toga TOGA!

The party is open to all friends, if every 1 could contact some one on the rsvp contact list asap,byo is welcome but i garente we have…

Mean old folks

This is fair funny. http://www.funnyjunk.com/movies/56/Mean+old+folks/stream