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Here is a collection of goods I have made during my life that may be of use to other people. Please remember use at your own risk, not may fault if my scripts misbehave. Read the code first !

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IPERF Summary
Language: python
Category: Maintanence
Quick python script to read CSV IPERF data and do some quick calculations.


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iPhone Num Fix
Language: python
Category: iPhone
This little script takes an export of your Apple Address book (in .vcf) and changes 'cell' phone numbers starting with '04' to '+61 4 ' (Naturally u can fix this for your country code. But was dam annoying that the iPhone could not see who people were with numbers pulled off my sim card ... So here is the fix :)

DOWNLOAD iPhoneFixNums.tgz

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Wii Game Lister
Language: php
Category: Web
A little script I made to list games I like for the Wii! for it in production!

DOWNLOAD wii-game-lister-1.tgz

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Language: python
Category: LDAP
NEW VERSION (20080310): Fixes bug for people with extra external emails - This python script bind to an AD Domain Controller via LDAP and pulls out an individuals emails based on a specified domain in a regex and builds a sendmail alias file. Used so we have an external sendmail server rather than crappy exchange and so it's in sync with Active Directory :) Please check the code and modify all the areas that are noted to be modified. Version 0.1 had 41 downloads ...

DOWNLOAD emailAliasSync-0.3.tgz

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TMV-Torrent MV
Language: bash
Category: File System
This script does auto CHMODing and CHOWNing to files you are moving. Handy for moving all my files that I have downloaded.

DOWNLOAD tmv-1.tar.gz

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