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Welcome to SAC @!

SAC in no way represents anything defined on the cirrect SAC wikipedia page! I hope it to be there one day :P

Below I will have sections of useful 1's and 0's for all to freely use:
Sys Admin Links
- links you should already visit, if you have not already !
Software Reccomendatons
- If you know better software let me know !
My Code (*nix focused)
- As I write scripts that I could see sueful for others I will upload here to my Code Publishing system. Still in progress :P

The Sys Admin / About Sac

To be a sysadmin is an interesting nerdy and challenging role. Many tasks are enjoyable, many are not. Some are painful and shit you to tears, so here I wish to help my fellow System Administrators by helping them have less "Shitted to tears" moments.

GOOGLE (and other search engines) has helped many Sys Admins and myself for many years when you turn to it. So hopefully you will stumble accross here from google (+ other search engines) when your have turned to the web as your source of information on the "DAM" problem that MAKES NO SENSE etc. <insert grubmble="*" />.

I am still a very inexperienced Sys Admin unlike many of my 'peers' @ ANSTO only commencing my Sys Admin carear in Feb 2007 after complete an B. Info Sci @ UOW. I am always trying to build my skills and I really enjoy coding scripts to make my job (life) easier + more automated. I wish to share knowledge I have worked out and found from other parts of the web or through my own research and reading the manual (RTFM !).

If you do find anything here useful I would love to hear about it. Contact me via email or any means noted on my contact page. I would love to hear how you have used / modifed scripts etc. as it may even help me one day. If you do enhance any of the code here I would love a copy and will give appropriate recognition etc.



All products mentioned here are trademark / copyright to their respective owners.

I only offer this information as a guide and to share soutions that I have used to fix / solve problems in my own experience in a multi-OS IT infrastructure environment.

*Use scripts / instructions at your own risk*,
I do not take responsibility for breaking your infrastructure, especially if it's Windows.

Always RTFM and double check my work, I am far from perfect (I know hard to believe).

Cooper Ry Lees.

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