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Cooper Ry Lees
- Bachelor of Internet Science (UOW) w/Distinction
- JNCIS-ENT - Junos Enterprise Routing and Switching
- JNCIP-SEC - Junos Security
- JNCIS-FWV - ScreenOS Security (expired)
- CCNA CISCO Network Academy Graduate
Career Objectives:
My ambition is to become the Systems Administrator in a medium to large firm. I wish to lead a team upgrading and maintaining a firm’s computer systems, building strong robust servers, developing enterprise quality scripts and applications, construct resiliant networks and create a problem free work environment for the company’s stakeholders.

Skill Summary:
Computer Related Skills:

  • Extensive Mac OS X 10.X Series experience
    - Personal Computer Platform of choice
  • UNIX / Linux Operating System experience
    - Proficient with mainstream Linux server packages such as BIND, Cacti, DHCPD, Nagios, Openldap, tcpdump, Zenoss
  • Exstensive Juniper Networks experience
    - Junos, ScreenOS, IVE (Pulse), NSM, and Junos Space
  • F5 LTM and GTM experience
  • Cisco IOS experience
  • Strong Computer Networking Knowledge – TCP/IP Stack / Routing / Subnetting / Switching
  • Vmware Infrastructre Administration Experience


Programming Knowledge:

  • C
  • C++
  • Limited Java / Servlets / JSPs / Javascript
  • XML
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Python

Please feel free to see samples of my code over @ SAC


Other Key Points:

  • Member of SAGE-AU
  • Love both Apple and PCs (Efficient with both)
  • Excellent People Skills - Retail / Hospitality Upbringing
  • Love to Learn - Always looking to further my skills and knowledge

Last Updated: 20120114

My full resume is avalible upon request
Please email me ( if your require my resume.

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