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Reccomended Links:
Here are some sites I reccomend. I either inhabit them a lot or just a reccomendation of mine and worth a browse:
Wollongong Tourism -Gods Country - Visit Today
St George Illawarra Dragons -The Best NRL Footy Team
Baggy Green -Everything Australian Cricket
Slashdot -News that Matters -Handy Aussie News
Foxsports -Great AU Sports network with Juniper running behind the scenes :)
UOW -Need a Degree from Australia's #1 Uni ?
BBQ Galore -Need a BBQ?
ICT Networks -My Current place of work. Juniper Elite partner, if your enterprise / carrier networks needs assistance let ICT Networks know.
Ebay - My Items -What am I selling ?
Static Ice -Computer Hardware Prices Comparison Site
Nerd Humour
Dilbert -Scott Adam's funny tails of an IT deparetment tech's vs the manager.
Home Star Runner -Classic Animated Humour Online
Pure Pwnage -Canadian Nerd Gamer Site
Userfriendly -Funny all-round nerd Humour
Sysadmin Links
HowStuffWorks -How does it do that ?
Slashdot -News you must read every day. Important.
Wikipedia -Free community based Encylopedia - great for nerd stuff ...
Reccomended Vendors / Software
Cisco - Netwokring stuff ...
Gentoo - One of my favorite Linux distros.
Juniper Networks - The leading switch, firewall and carrier grade router manufactuer in operation today
Netapp (Network Appliances) - Great Filers
Sun - RIP (Oracle has taken over) - SPARC and Solaris ...
VMware - Server Consolatation + Virtualisation (if you have not herd of VMware where have you been ?)
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