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Interests / Hobbies
Just a section with things that I enjoy doing in my spare time. These are divided into the sections below:
Sport Nerd / Geek Social

Skydiving is the bomb ...

Sporting Interests:

-I have been a huge cricket fan since I was young. I plated junior cricket for Balgownie. I watch as many games as I can and love to head up to the SCG for a good 'one-dayer' or day's play of a test match. Below is a photo of me @ the SCG where the Aussies got their highest ODI score in Australia.

I don't mind to ocasionally head out for a bit of a roll around. That is all I can really do, but it is good fun. The person that own the server hosting is usually my partner in crime in skaing and has seen old Cooper come off a few times.

Living close to the ocean and have a father and brother who heavily surf has caused me to ocasionally get out on the board. Usually when the waves are not to big I will wander down on our 8ft mini-mal.

I love a round or 2. I usually go to the local Russelvale Golf Course or Calderwood Golf Course with my grandfather.


Nerd / Geek Interests:

Gaming - What nerd dosen't game ? COD and Battlefieldas very rarely play on steam. But Xbox and Wii sport games I do fill some time with from time to time.

Testing NAT:

The old number plate:

"I ARE COOP" aka
"IRC OP" aka
"I really crave object orientated programming"



Getting ready to "pwn n00bs" @ paint ball. The great Subaru in the background as well ;)

Partys / 'Clubbin':


Every true Aussie loves a nice big 5 burner cooking up a storm ;) Every man in the world needs a BBQs Galore Turbo BBQ in their backyard, there rest just don't compare.

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