Backup your Junos configs TODAY !

Posted by cooper on May 8, 2012 in g33k, juniper

Cooper’s tip of the moment, ALWAYS backup your Junos configurations. Hate when a customer does not, your router does not have raid (unless it has redundant REs, VC or is in a Chassis Cluster :)). It’s a built in feature of Junos so use it! It even allows multiple sites, so if you have DR site with storage – Push it there too!

Here is the conf:

set system archival configuration transfer-on-commit
set system archival configuration archive-sites "scp://junos@x.x.x.x/data/configs/DEVICE" password "bla"
set system archival configuration archive-sites "scp://junos@y.y.y.y/data/configs/DEVICE" password "bla"

More info:

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Juniper EX Virtual Chassis Specific Member Config

Posted by cooper on Jan 13, 2012 in g33k, juniper

EX VC tip of the moment: Use apply-groups to add specific config to each node.
For example:

set groups member0 system host-name member0
set groups member1 system host-name member1
set groups member2 system host-name member2
set apply-groups member0
set apply-groups member1
set apply-groups member2

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