Tits and Ass Man !

Posted by cooper on Mar 31, 2009 in humour

hahaha – Best way to introduce to the parents …

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Tyler K Stylin – Inputin and Outputtin ;)

Posted by cooper on Mar 30, 2009 in friends, g33k, humour

Here he is … even tho those who know Tyler know that his mouth is an I/O Port!

Here he is stylin his favorite present from his fav Uncle Coops …

Tyler showing whats comes one comes out ...

Tyler showing whats comes in comes out ...

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Meet up in the City – Wednesday 18/03/09

Posted by cooper on Mar 15, 2009 in friends, party

Hey all … I am in the city this week @ Juniper training so just wondering who is keen to come and meet up somewhere from 6ish one night this week to have a feed and few drinks together and swap stories about be old and boring … haha …

So let me know your sugestions of places to go … I was thinking Barvarian Bier Cafe or somewhere that has drink and food 😉 You peoples are the Sydney kings tho so you tell me !

Bavarian Bier Cafe

Bavarian Bier Cafe


The UroClub – Pee’ing @ Golf

Posted by cooper on Mar 14, 2009 in sport



Maxing out Gig Ethernet with Sun x4500 Thumpers

Posted by cooper on Mar 7, 2009 in cisco, g33k, solaris, tech

Well the time has come where I have finally got some hardware that can max out gig ethernet. I sent 3.4 tb in 9 hours! Thats awesome! GG Cisco 3750 and 2 x Sun x4500 Thumpers running Opensolaris snv_105. Good times – I bet the copper was warm 🙂

root@dumper1:sbin> ./
Starting ZFS send to @ Fri Mar  6 16:02:47 EST 2009
in @  0.0 kB/s, out @ 34.9 MB/s, 3428 GB total, buffer   0% fullll

summary: 3428 GByte in 8 h 57 min  109 MB/s

real    537m40.533s
user    34m32.281s
sys     326m18.227s
Completed @ Sat Mar  7 01:00:34 EST 2009

If you do use x4500s or have the need to zfs send compile mbuffer today! It rocks – I went from 30mbyte a second with SSH to maxing out Gigabit Ethernet. I will post instructions on everything I did soon.

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