Meet up in the City – Wednesday 18/03/09

Posted by cooper on Mar 15, 2009 in friends, party

Hey all … I am in the city this week @ Juniper training so just wondering who is keen to come and meet up somewhere from 6ish one night this week to have a feed and few drinks together and swap stories about be old and boring … haha …

So let me know your sugestions of places to go … I was thinking Barvarian Bier Cafe or somewhere that has drink and food 😉 You peoples are the Sydney kings tho so you tell me !

Bavarian Bier Cafe

Bavarian Bier Cafe


Jordo’s 18th in Sydney

Posted by admin on Feb 25, 2008 in friends, party

Was a fun loose time and very dam hot at the Cricket. Happy Birthday brother, your now getting old … 



Megan’s 21st B-Day

Posted by Johnny on Feb 6, 2008 in friends, party

It Megan’s 21st so come down @ 30 Mcandrew Crs Mangerton on


1st of March 08, @ 7:30pm,


BBQ & lots of heavy drinkin for all.


As usual we have a dress theme, which is; Good Vs Evil… so get creative bitchez!!!


Beer, wine and Soft drink provided for all guests,


Cocktail Bar open for VIP guests.


For more info call john on 0431 287 275 – RSVP Megan on 0411 169 527


Some Costume Ideas!


Good: Angel, Jebus, Monk, Nun, Yoda, Your average supper hero line up etc…


Evil: Burfor, Cooper, Priest, Sadam, George Bush, Evil Clown, devil, Ur average supper villain lineup etc…

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BLower’s 21st Weekend

Posted by admin on Jan 14, 2008 in friends, party, sport

Happy 21st Mate.

Had a good fish and did have fun @ the Go-Karts dispite myself getting the shits due to the awsome Go-Kart I was so loverly given to race in …


Congrats to Chris and myself for being the only people who didn’t sleep on the boat ! Pansy’s everywhere …


Bedford’s Baby Shower !

Posted by admin on Jan 14, 2008 in friends, party

Congrats to Scott and Lisa on having their Baby Boy Riley. So we went out and celebrated and the beautiful Albion Park Pub


Some Great Random shots from Chook … Thanks mate … 


Back from Perth and It’s 2008 Now !

Posted by admin on Jan 1, 2008 in friends, party

Hey All, yes, it’s 2008. Another year passes. I am getting old :(. I wish you all Happy New years and hope you will all achieve your New Year Resolutions. I had a fun New Years Eve starting @ Johnny’s place and then heading to the champs. I also just came back from Perth. Perth was good fun but dam hot! Here are some snaps:

 Perth 2007 Perth 2007 Perth 2007

You all be good now. Back to the grind the 1 week break is over :( 


Aloha Beach Party @ 189 Gipps !!

Posted by admin on Oct 24, 2007 in party

Big bash at John and Kylie’s place 😉 Be there, it will rock. The end. Make sure you come appropriatey dressed …

For more info contact John

 Invite Aloha


See you there …


Angelos Wedding Rocked …

Posted by admin on Sep 23, 2007 in friends, party

It was good times. Special apperance by Borat Lees. He was in fine form. And looking very nice. Have look for yourself. Pictures below, high five.

My Name Borat Coops

Congrats Angelo and Mary – Thanks for the invite. Mary I know I made your night …

And to all who stayed and the Best Western – Very nice hotel facilities.


Another Weekend bites the Dust …

Posted by admin on Jul 15, 2007 in friends, party

Another weekend of drinking and good times has come to an end. Was a good weekend with fun catching up times @ the “Frigatich’s” welcoming back scary Mary F. Saturday night consisted of a drink fest at the old Gooding residence.  Boy has that place changed from the days or garrage piss ups and Coser sleepin in his own spew. ahaha, Poor old Jamie, rip Jamie and the booze.

Here are some pics:

THe Boys ...  | Goodo Pics to Come
Mary’s Welcome Back / Goodo’s 23rd

All was good. Good times. If you want a higher res shot email me.


UOW Nerd Dinner – This Friday

Posted by admin on Jun 17, 2007 in g33k, party, uni

It’s Time to Catch up …

UOW Logo

Booked for 15 people – 7:00pm – Chilli’s – 13 people confirmed – Awaiting more !!

UOW Peers … It has become the time (due to many reasons) that we should meet, eat and greet. I believe this Friday (22-06-2007) is a good time to go somewhere, eat, drink and talk crap to one another. Burf is finishing uni, you have all completed exams so I believe that is a good time for people like myself who are now in the real world to come and share stories.

Proposed Evening:

7:00pm – Chillies (Fairy Ghetto) …

9:00pm – 10:00pm – Out to North Gong or somewhere to consume a few quiet drinks and have good time.

Please all get back to me asap via phone or email. I would like to finalise numbers etc. Wednesday and ring places etc. I think Darko is in Russia? So I doubt he will come … tight ass.

Let me know if you wish to bring friend(s) / partner.

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