Little Known Cricket Fact …

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A little known fact…

The first testicular guard was used in cricket in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974.

The Modern Cricket Helmet

The Modern Cricket Helmet

It took 100 years for men to realize that the brain is also important.

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My Wisdom Teeth Suck !

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So I have to get them out. Homo as … Look at my demented sideways tooth !

Left Side of my Mouth

Left Side of my Mouth

Right Side of my Mouth

Right Side of my Mouth

So off to day surgery a comming month soon !! 🙁


Sign Only in AU !

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Only in Australia - Remember call Todd!

Only in Australia - Remember call Todd!



New Car, New Shoulder + I’m Back …

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Well well well, it has been awhile! The weekends have been busy and eventful and I just have not had the time / urge tow work on the site. Disappointing, yes I know. So things will change! 2008 s fast approaching.

I will endeavor to entertain again with the blog! And I might even try to work on SAC and get it all finished.

My shoulder surgery went well and it’s on the mend and feeling good. During this time I have also purchased my replacement car. It’s a Hot-House Green VY SS (pictured below). She is nice to drive and has a bit more grunt than the Suba! ha. Doesn’t mind to drink petty tho.

Anyways Merry Xmas and Happy new Year all !

 Hot-House Green VY SS


Wii Released

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dear cooperlees bloggers!

the Wii has been released in Australia today 😉

the wii

note that it is as tall as a DVD case, small as!
i am off to pickup my pre-order 🙂

Matty B



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Happy Birthday legend.

We all had an awesome time at your bday party, great booz great food, good to see saf there! those dancing girls were out of control!!!
Will try blog some pictures i took with john’s camera later tonight!

Hope you pulled up ok, you were reeeeally drunk!


o3 Magazine Issue 5!

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some fair l33t python in this issue:

– Quick Look at TurboGears
– WiFi Security Threats
– Introduction to Python
– TurboGears: Deployment and Scaling
– ATA over Ethernet
– Deploying T1s with Linux
– Layer 2 Security Testing


Bling Bling – 30’s the thing !

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Look at these puppies – and only 7500 pounds for 4 tyres to go on ’em !


It’s a Wonderful Internet!

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Wonderful Internet


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