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The Life of Cooper Ry Lees ...

My name is Cooper Lees and I was born on the 15th of October 1985 in the great south eastern city of Australia called Wollongong. I am currently employed at ICT Networks. I work daily as a Senior Security and Network Engineer. Basically I get pimped out to lots of different companies to ensure their network and predominately their Internet access is functioning as desired.

RIP Sun. You are missed.

In my spare time I participate in using computers for leisure, socialising with friends and simply relaxing at home or the beach. I enjoy dining out for most European and Asian cuisine. I also enjoy participating and watching most forms of sports; cricket, soccer, rugby league, surfing and skating are some of my favourites. I have strong family and community ties and regularly assist in my families’ business pursuits, creating all IT and Internet related material.

The Older Lees Generation, from left to right Des Lees (my father), Charles Lees (my uncle) and Charles aka Charlie Lees (My Grandfather).

Lees Boys
The Lees Boys @ Broken head - Terrigal
(Myself, Charles, Jordan and Des)

My current place of residence is in Woonona, NSW with my two roomates. I plan to move to Sydney in early 2012 due to work commitments and travel. My father is wrapped that I have finally moved out and longer continually asks me to "Leave the money on the fridge" and buy him a case a week (thats cheap considering the electricity I use).

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